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Can't add picture borders after editing picture

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I'm trying to add borders around pictures that I'm inserting into a Word

2000 document. When I insert the picture, and just resize it (no other

editing), I can right click and get a 'borders & shading' option - than add

the border I want. BUT - I cannot get the 'borders & shading' option when I

right click on certain pictures -- and I presume it is because I have edited

them using MS picture editor. In looking for help, I ran across a problem in

Works - when some objects (pictures) are 'floating', the border/shading

option is not available. If I have moved these pictures, using 'click and

move'... instead of just using the space bar, enter or delete keys, did that

turn them into 'floating objects'? If so, how can I 'de-float' them? I once

was able to automatically add borders to ALL pictures that I inserted into a

document -- but can't seem to find that option again, either...this would be

ideal for this document. Any help will be appreciated!

How can I add the borders to these pictures? Thanks!!!

L. Gale

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