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Delete a reference that doesn't exist and misnumbers my other Figures

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I have a Figure 1 and Figure 3, with captions but no Figure 2

According to "insert cross-reference", there is a Figure 2 with the

same name as Figure 1, but I can't find it. I can insert a

cross-reference to it and when I go to it, it just goes to the next


How can I delete this fictional Figure 2 so my numbering goes back to


I've been trying to figure this out for hours!

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    • you guys are right! Yes!

      Thank you very much

      John McGhie [MVP - Word and Word Macintosh] wrote:

      > Chances are, it's in a deletion that is part of an unresolved tracked

      > change. Accept all changes to remove the deleted text permanently from the

      > document and your cross references should then come right.


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